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MICRON ENGINEERING CORPORATION was founded in 1989 by an Indian entrepreneurial action of two brothers who intended to be traders of small precision metal components in small & medium series to national manufacturing companies. In the nineties, the experience of “co-design” implemented with cooperation of customers in different industrial application (Refrigeration, Automotive, Air-conditioners Food & Pharmaceuticals, Groups of Defense & Navy, and few Government enterprises), allowed the company staff to strengthen its technical and productive experience.

In 2000 the Company felt the need to follow the path of design and sale of a product on its own, especially dedicated to the mechanical engineering market. Those were the years of introducing the modern methods of testing and providing effective solutions to the clients.

In the beginning of the new millennium, following the same direction, the company continued to develop innovative products, meeting market requirements for technical and qualitative performances ever higher. These were the years of cost effective trade and maximum output at the user’s end.

Between the years of 2004 & 2005, the orientation towards providing an international market is then realized; the company got the confirmation of its own products as a point of ISO international standard reference. The certification and implementation of ISO 9001:2000 still accompanies and supports the whole activity towards the customer service.

The beginning of the 2006 sees the implementation of several targets including the expansion of space in its existing setup devoted to the demands and approval of clients and exploring the international opportunities. This period saw an opening of the company from a family structure to corporate governance.

Year 2007 saw the approvals of global clients and international network taking the exports to South East Asia and the Middle East.
The positive results towards this co-operation of clients motivated the company to participate in its first ever international trade fair.

In the same year the company got credited towards an international recognition with the “INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CROWN AWARD (London)” from Business Initiative Directors, followed by “National Award “from The Government of India in 2008. The achievements in form of awards have given the company an edge to prove its capabilities and take its product to the areas which it had dreamt at the beginning of its career.

The company has a strong manufacturing setup and has continued its trading network to ensure its clients one stop shop for their requirements.

Micron’s well organized staff & strong network of suppliers/partners, has strengthened its design, manufacture and export specialization in production of different industry applications in many parts of the globe.

Micron dedicates continuous efforts towards innovation, development & quality improvisation within every level of its organization.

Micron devotes care to measure the performances and adds value to its staff by empowering quality & confidence to every activity performed.

The company goal is take up “Challenges” and ensure “Quality Improvements” to the highest levels of “Customer Satisfaction.”
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